Main Camp

Northeast Generals NAHL Main Camp Schedule

Monday, July 17th
9:00 AM:  Check In
9:20 AM:  Welcome Talk In Bleachers (All)
10:00 AM:  Yellow vs. Pink
11:10 AM:  Black vs. Blue
12:20 PM:  Orange vs. White
1:30 PM:  Pink vs. Black
2:40 PM:  Blue vs. Orange
3:50 PM:  Yellow vs. White

Tuesday, July 18th
10:00 AM:  Black vs. White
11:00 AM:  Orange vs. Yellow
12:00 PM:  Pink vs. Blue
1:00 PM:  Black vs. Yellow
2:00 PM:  Pink vs. Orange
3:00 PM:  White vs. Blue

Wednesday, July 19th
10:00 AM:  Blue vs. Yellow
11:30 AM:  White vs. Pink
1:00 PM:  Black vs. Orange
3:30 PM:  All Star Game


Locker Room Assignments

(you can only leave equipment in the Generals Main Locker Rooms not in individual locker rooms):

Generals NAHL:  Black
Generals NA3HL:  Blue
Locker Room 1:  Yellow
Locker Room 2:  Orange
Locker Room 3:  White
Locker Room 4:  Pink