Generals At End Of First Quarter Of Season

The Northeast Generals have started the 2017-2018 season in strong fashion.  Having played a league high 15 games the Generals have now completed 25% of their 60 game schedule.

Dramatically improved from last year, which saw the Generals with only 4 wins and 3 ties, there is still a long way to go.  However, let’s take a look at some of the honors players have received and statistics through the 1/4 mark.


24 points

2 games won in OT (Brady Gaudette/Matt Demelis)

Lead League in Goals Per Game:  4.06

3rd Best Win Percentage In NAHL:  .800

Players Of Month For September:

Forward of Month:  Matt Wiesner (1st Star)

Defensemen of the Month:  Luke Perunovich (Honorable Mention)

Goalie of Month:  David Fessenden (Honorable Mention)

Players Of Week:

Week of September 18th:  Colin Bilek (2nd Star), Pat Harrington (Honorable Mention)

Week of September 25th:  Mike Egan (1st Star), David Fessenden I(Honorable Mention)

Week of October 2nd:  Justin Jallen (2nd Star), Ryan Bogan (Honorable Mention)

Week of October 9th:  Anthony Quatieri (1st Star), David Fessenden (Honorable Mention)

Week of October 16th:  Louis Boudon (1st Star), Colin Bilek (Honorable Mention)

The top 6 league leading scorers:

Louis Boudon:  7-12-19 (1st)

Colin Bilek:  8-10-18 (2nd)

Anthony Quatieri:  4-13-17 (3rd)

Mike Egan:  7-9-16 (T-4th)

Matt Wiesner:  6-10-16 (T-4th)

Justin Jallen:  7-8-15 (5th)

Matt Wiesner: 4 Game Winning Goals (Leads League)

Justin Jallen:  2 Short Handed Goals (Leads League)

Top D:

Luke Perunovch:  10 Assists (Leads all D in assists)

Luke Perunovich:  +/- Leader among D (+11)

Luke Perunovich:  3 Short Handed Assists (Leads League)

Joe Nagle:  Tied for 2nd in +/- (+9)

Ryan Rowland:  Top 10 in +/- (+7)

Colin McCabe:  Top 10 in Points (1-7-8)


Marko Sturma:  7 Wins (Leads League)

Marko Sturma:  0 Losses (Leads League)

Marko Sturma:  Tied for 3rd with 1 Shutout

David Fessenden:  Tied for 3rd with 1 Shutout

David Fessenden:  Top 20 GAA (2.53)

David Fessenden:  14th in Save Percentage (.922)

Marko Sturma:  20th in Save Percentage (.916)

A long way to go for the Northeast Generals but some nice numbers to start the year.  Next up is a monster test as they take on the undefeated Philadelphia Rebels on Wednesday night at the Penn Ice Rink.