Generals Announce Recipients of the Brady Gaudette Award for Grit and Toughness

The Northeast Generals are excited to announce our last award, the Brady Gaudette Award for Grit and Toughness.  The Award is presented to the player that was able to play with constant energy, toughness and reliability.  Gaudette who just finished his freshman season at the University of Maine, was a 2 year General that embodied the mindset of doing whatever it took to win games.  In 2 years Gaudette played in 114 games in which he recorded 24 goals, 33 assists for 57 points.  But the undersized Forward also amassed 157 penalty minutes in those games.  He played a fearless style, willing to do everything to ensure pucks got out of the zone and didn’t get on net.  He consistently finished every check against much larger players and sacrificed his body by blocking shot after shot.

“Brady is the ultimate gamer.  He wasn’t always the most talented player on the ice.  Don’t get me me wrong he is very very good but he played with a huge chip on his shoulder.  He was a rat on the ice.  Incredibly hard to play against.  Nothing came easy for opponents going against him.  And he outworked everyone at all times.  One of my favorite players.  Funny, quick with a joke, but with a real mean streak on the ice.  A short fuse that you could see ready to blow from a mile away.  But when he started to harness that temper and play at the line instead of over it he was one of the best players on the ice.  It was that toughness that helped propel him to the D1 level.”  Said Bryan Erikson

The winner of the Brady Gaudette Award for Grit and Toughness for the NA3HL team is Carson Asper.    Asper has a ton of offensive ability as seen in his point total this past season.  Carson put up 51 goals and 52 assists in 46 games.  But the way he did it was by intimidation of his opponents.  His relentless physicality, although not always appreciated by the officials (note his 402 PIM’s over 2 years), created space for himself and his teammates.  His work ethic and love of the game is contagious to everyone.

The winner of the Brady Gaudette Award for Grit and Toughness for the NAHL team is Charlie Reid.  Reid finished his 2nd year with the Generals as an Assistant Captain.  And he led the team with his work ethic and toughness game in and game out.  He finished with 16 points but he amassed those by blocking every shot, finishing every check and being incredibly hard to play against in practice and in each game.

“The great thing about Charlie and Carson is they are such great kids.  Other teams hated playing against them because nothing came easy, ever.  They worked so hard for their teammates, banged bodies, blocked shots and by doing so opened up the ice for those around them.  Carson is a nightmare for opponents.  And he makes us nervous on the bench too, but he is such a great kid.  He had an amazing impact in a historical NA3HL season last year.  And Charlie is a lunch pail type of hockey player.  Everyone needs to buckle their chin straps and be ready to play because when that puck dropped we all knew Charlie would be ready.  Has good offensive instincts but was asked to play a role for us that included killing penalties and being tough to play against.  And he filled that role amazingly well.  Really proud of the type of players both Carson and Charlie are.  It’s one thing to tell players to leave it all on the ice but it is so much easier if you can just show them Charlie and Carson and the example they set for their teammates.”  said Bryan Erikson.