What to Expect When Billeting?

Lifelong Bond

Establish a lifelong bond and friendship. You help a young hockey player work toward their dreams and goals.

Local Games and Practices

All practices and home games are held at the New England Sports Village in Attleboro, MA. Each billet family receives season tickets to all Northeast Generals games.

Monthly Stipend

Billet Families receive a monthly stipend of $450 from their billet player to offset the cost of food and expenses.

Length of Stay

Players arrive in early August and stay through May.


Families receive support 24/7 from the Northeast Generals staff and from experienced billet families.

Irregular Schedule

Balancing school, practice, workouts, jobs, community service, games, road trips, and other team-related events are part of the life of a junior-hockey player. Billet families will provide a practice and game schedule prior to the beginning of the season so most of this will be known in advance.

Holiday Breaks

Many players choose to return home during the league's Christmas/Holiday break, which falls between 12/21 and 12/31 this season. Some players may choose to return home during their off weekends as well if they live within driving distance. The billet family will be told in advance of any travel plans.

Post Season

The regular season ends in April. However, WHEN the team makes their post-season playoff run the season will be extended for a few more weeks

Family Meshing

It is important to ensure your family is on board with accepting a player or players into their home as well. A player's background may be different than their billet family. Our players come from all over the World. Most players are from the United States and Canada. However, many of them are from outside of New England.

Billeting Application

The billeting form below helps us match players to billet families. Once matched you will be contacted by a member of the Northeast Generals Organization to discuss things in greater detail.

What Do Billet Families Provide?

Players Room

We ask you to provide the player with a separate room and closet OR a shared room and bathroom if hosting 2 players.

What Do You Provide?

Providing the player items you may find in a typical dorm room is sufficient. Items such as a desk, chair, internet access, etc. are normally provided.



Nutritious meals or food players can prepare on their own should be provided. Most players will eat with the family as scheduled between family and the player. However, each player can prepare their own food. The billet family will communicate to the player the rules of the house in regards to meals.


We ask you to provide a patient, supportive, and friendly atmosphere.

House Rules

Players are expected to follow all house rules the billet family has for members of their household. Chores, upkeep, laundry, etc. all have rules that the player is expected to follow while living with their billet family.


Players are expected to provide their own day-to-day items as well as all personal hygiene products.

Most Importantly...

We ask you to provide the same guidance and attention that you would want for your own children.

Have Fun

One thing that should never be forgotten, enjoy your time with the player as you are directly responsible for helping them work toward their dreams and life goals.

A Message From the Top


Complete the form below to become to become a billet family for the Northeast Generals.

2020-2021 Billet Family Information Form