Become A General/Tryouts

Northeast Generals Pre-Tryout Application

The Northeast Generals take pride in their recruiting process to ensure we are inviting the best players to our camps. The Generals have added a pre-tryout video application to the recruiting process to ensure that our scouting and coaching staff has a strong understanding of how potential prospects can best impact our program. To start the recruiting process please follow the following 4 steps:

Purchase your Northeast Generals Pre-Tryout Application at PriceBlocks.



You will receive an email from ScoutOut Sports providing you with information on your next steps which include creating a player profile page where we can stay connected with you.  


ScoutOut Sports will ask you to submit a 15 min video of your play. We suggest that the video be edited to content as many shifts as possible. The video should not just be a highlight reel, but should show your play in various aspects of the game. Video can be added to your ScoutOut Profile via YouTube link. Alternatively, you can send the video to the ScoutOut Team by Dropbox or Google Drive.


The Northeast Generals Scouting Staff will review your video. You will then receive confirmation that video has been viewed by our scouting staff along with feedback and a potential invitation to our main camp.